Interesting Facts About the 1889 Silver Dollar Value

1889 Silver Dollar ValueThe 1889 silver dollar value is impressive, and is one of the favorite coins which people want to have in their coin collections, and there are some fascinating facts and history surrounding this coin.  Whether you are new to coin collecting or have been collecting for some time, there are always coins which have a fantastic amount of attraction.  Not only is this coin breathtaking to look at, but it can also be worth a terrific amount of money if you have the correct one in your collection.

  • The assistant engraver at the United States Mint was the designer of the 1889 silver dollar.  George T Morgan was born in the UK and moved to the US in 1876, where he joined the world famous mint. Although he designed several different coins, the 1889 silver dollar is the most famous, and is often referred to as the Morgan coin.
  • This remarkable coin contains 90% silver and only 10% copper, making it a unusually heavy coin.  Weighting an incredible 26.73g and measuring the size of an average palm, this is a hugely impressive coin to own.
  • There were over 12,000 of the 1889 silver dollar produced; however, many seemed to vanish and could not be found.  Therefore, when it came to accounting for the coins only 80 were accounted for.  This has ensured that the 1889 silver dollar value has increased by a huge amount.
  • The 1889 silver dollar is the only coin to be double mint marked, and many of the coins will have the CC mark.  This represented the coins which were minted in Carson City when there were extra stocks of silver found.  These coins are worth far more than other minted styles of the same 1889 silver dollar.
  • This coin was distributed in two different categories, which were proof and uncirculated. The uncirculated coins are worth a large amount of money, and are incredibly rare.  They were distributed through banks and financial institutions.  The proof versions of the 1889 silver dollar value are collector's items, however, not worth as much as the other style.
  • The Morgan silver dollar has the design of Liberty on one face and a design of an eagle on the other.  The eagle is holding an olive branch and arrows, which signify the strong desire for peace, and the 13 original states in the US.
  • There are several different grades of the 1889 silver dollar and these will denote how much each one is worth.  The extremely common silver dollar may only be worth $10-$20; however, the rare silver dollar may reach up to $900.000 in value.

Coin collectors are always on the lookout for rare and unique coins to add to their ever growing collections.  However, the 1889 silver dollar is considered to be one of the top ten coins which you can own.  Although the 1889 silver dollar value is a crucial part of this desire, for some collectors the monetary value is irrelevant. For more advice like cleaning silver coins checkout some of our other articles.